Thursday, 20 October 2011

Cobwebs and Dust





I kinda left this to die but I've got me to revive it! I totally forgot about this >___> I really should make a siggy again. I need a new banner because looking at it *Shudders* that cutting out is awful! There hasn't been much so far to be honest a quick update:

1. I've joined Flawless and have done two assignment so far, might get the pictures up for you later (But I don't like them) >.<

2. I'm still in GJWHF just been doing assignments and stuff.

3. I've had one of my 3 jabs, it was awful! It knacked and the second and third one are supposed to hurt even more! WHAAAAAAAT!

4. I've just turned 13 exactly 1 week and 2 days ago! Yep! 11th October! I'm finally a teen! Buzzing!

5. I will try to update this more often and make a new banner and siggy!!!

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