Monday, 28 November 2011

Why Don't You Just Slap Me Now

Yes, I keep forgetting to update. It's cause I'm stupid. I'm not ashamed to say I'm a right dumbass. Lets see whats gone on so far..... assignments, fun, fights, arguments and all that blah blah. Well I orginally applied for Sensations photographer position but I didn't get it so Beech asked if I wanted to try for an columist position and I said yes and I got the job! I was like OMG WOOO! I can't wait to start. I actually have already started on my assignment already.

On other news I have joined yet another comp Jewels Double The Fun comp. It's where you have two twin models. And I make a gorgeous sim called Gabrielle so I had to twin her. But I wanted a unsual, unique name so I tweaked her a bit and called her Clementine. Then I made her a twin and called her Pandora. (Frikking love that name).

Here's a pic of them:

(They are art geeks *0*)

Though in that comp is Early, Fel, Phebes and loads more. I won't stand a chance!! But I had to join it looked so fun and I haven't modelled with two people before. It'll be a different but fun experience. I've already got an idea for my first assignment.

On a school topic my friends are yet again aruging. (Pissing me off now) But my friend is making it worse because they girl they've been fighting with us has said sorry and she's being all nice and joining in but today when we were taking about something, there's a rumor going around that our sciene teacher has died don't believe it but I joined in. And the girl said something and my friend said: Was I talking to you? In a snappy tone. And she keeps ignoring her. Shes just making it worse.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Lil Pirate

So I've just figured out how to get free music on my phone! (Woo) So this means I won't have to listen to my friends aruging with each other. There's been trouble in our friendship group because of one girl so they're all aruging so I can step away and dance around to Beyonce, Glee, David Guetta, Rihanna ect. I don't like getting involved in things but I'm usually dragged into thing -____________________-

Friday, 18 November 2011

Made a siggy

Right made a siggy so I can actually remember to update! XD


Arrrrrrh! Why do I always forget to update!! Right! I really need to make a siggy so everyday when I log on Unbound & the Officials I will notice it and go:

"Hey I need to update my blog"

So here's some quick updates:

Flawless Assignment 4:

Flawless Assignment 5:

Agency Assignment 3:

SNTM Assignment 1: