Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Because flags make me well fit.

Yes, the title is confusing but today in Maths again Josh and Me had a weird convo:

Josh: So we draw triangles?

Olivia: Yea, it says it on the board.

Josh: Right! I'm gonna make my triangle well fit.

Olivia: Right...

*Josh draws triangles*

Josh: Ohhh!!! I've made it look like a flag.

Olivia: Just rub it out.

Josh: Nah! This flag is well fit and the flag makes me well fit.

Olivia: ...

Josh: Omg, these flags are too fit! I need to rub their sexiness away..

Olivia: ...

That boy is strange...

Also on an update I forgot to say I am now in BSC7 (Berry Sweet Cycle 7). I was picked as one of the sweet 16 with my berry Creampuff Periwinkle:

Aww she's cute.<33 Shes a gamer so I made up Berrycraft (Minecraft) and Dungeons and Berries (Dungeons and Dragons). Our first assignment is Berrycon! One of my favourite assignments! It's still in progress but I'll be finished soon. I also finished my SNTM (Sensations Next Top Model) assignment it was nature in the nude. I really like this one compared to the two other assignments:

Warning! Mild nudity below don't look if you don't want to see a nekkid sim.






 I really like it ^__^. Also in Flawless I was 2 points away from being eliminated *GASPETH* So I'm gonna step up my game because my last assignment was rushed. I'm not going to even show you it, it was that UGLEH.

Well, not much else to say. Though I do have maths again on Friday so hopefully Josh will say something to amuse me.

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