Monday, 12 December 2011

Levels and Cherry Coke

Well the title means I'm addicted to a song called Levels by Avicii (Amazing) and I'm loving this Cherry Coke I got, it had to be diet though because I picked up the normal bottle and my mum was like "Is there any Diet Cherry Coke" then she found one -______-

Yeah anyways, whats with the EA site? It's not working for me. I've tried to get on it countless times on different internet browsers but it won't let me. No it's not the forums it's the whole damn website. Anyways I got detention today for not completeting one piece of homework WHICH WAS NOT IN THE BOOKLET (dumbass teacher). So I have to do it tonight :L unfair.

I also got a Sims 3 facebook account so I can add Simming people without peoples looking on my real profile and asking me who are those people.

Yeah I also changed the blog, I like it but not the title. So i'm going in game as soon as I can to get a ingame photo and just type: Livvi's Living Room on it. And then I will make a siggy. Sounds good? Yeah.


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