Monday, 5 December 2011

Tipp-ex Makes Me High

What went on in my maths class today with this boy I sit next to called Josh.

Josh: So how many squares.

Olivia: 8. Count along, 1 2 3 4 5 8.

Josh: Oh ok.
(Josh draws 5 squares along*

Josh: Eh, that doesn't work?

Olivia: I said 8 squares along.

Josh: I'm sure you said 5.

Olivia: Next time use a pencil.

Josh: Can I borrow your tipp-ex?

Olivia: Yeah sure.

*Olivia gets tipp-ex out for Josh*

*Josh starts tipp-exing his mistakes*

Josh: Oh my god! This smells lush!

*Josh starts sniffing the tipp-ex*

Josh: This tipp-ex is making me high!

Yes, not a normal maths lesson....

But on another hand I've changed my blog around and stuff, I just need a new banner now!

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